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log cabin“A True Pioneer Experience”

The Dickson Store Museum educational program identifies the importance of the pioneer era, and the impact pioneers had on building our country. Costumed interpreters will present interactive and fun learning experiences. The staff will streamline any program to meet the needs of a group.

School Tours the Dickson Store Museum Offers:

Preschool & Kindergarten Tour: “Let’s Pretend”

Explore the past through the eyes of a pioneer child.  Ride your pretend horse and visit the general store, do chores the old fashioned way, roll out dough and cut some shapes, story time, take home craft, and old fashioned games.

Grade One: “Imagine That”

Visit the one hundred year old general store reliving the past by grinding coffee beans and using the old cash register. Imagine and partake in shopping back then. Explore living accommodations from 1900-1930 and experience what life while having fun doing chores the old way.  Using a clothespin you get to make a craft to take home.

Grade Two: “Cold, Warm, Hotter!”

Experience daily living 100 years ago in the community of Dickson. Relive shopping by bartering and purchasing essentials in the general store.  Walk into the “refrigerator” of the past and find out if the air is cold or hotter. Explore liquids and what makes water essential to all life. Use an old fashioned rolling pin and take home an ornament.

Grade Three: “Do I Have Enough?”

Will I have enough money to buy the essentials I need, will I have to barter, or just put it on the bill? Students will hone their math skills while playing a fun shopping game. They will have to put on their thinking toque while in the “refrigerator”, one room log cabin, etc. while they explore a variety of building materials.

Grade Four: “Work It Out!”

Discover why people settled in the wetland of Dickson. Realize what made them stay and what important role the general store played in their lives.  Relive shopping in the 100 year old store. Test your strength and abilities using simple tools such as pulleys and levers and take part in everyday pioneer chores.

Grade Five-Six: “Get Wired”

Experience life with no plug-ins. Purchase items when there were no electronic means of payment. Scavenge each room to uncover the items used then that take electricity now. Get wired to partake in daily chores. Students will take home a candle they made on the tour.

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Thank you for your valued interest in the Dickson Store Museum Educational Programs. Uncover the rich history of Alberta’s pioneer past at the Dickson Store Museum. To enhance your tour of the area visit these other local attractions: The Danish Canadian National Museum, The Dickson Dam, The Markerville Creamery, Stephansson House or Hola School.  There is a lot to see and do, right here in our lovely community.